Vanlife Customs

Whether hiking trails through the mountains or relaxing on a hammock in the Costa Dorada of Spain, it seems every activity is equivalent to an outdoor adventure in certain geographical locations. Long considered the gold standard of cargo vans for the van life, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has gained a lot of competition here in the U.S. over the past few years. To date, Max, Lee and Occy have been to an incredible number of countries including visits before and during their van life travels.

They also work on trucks to build living and travel systems alike, and sell vans already built-out and ready to roll. We bathed in whatever body of water we came across ― or, sometimes, in a bucket ― and often days would go by without us even looking in a mirror.

Then, instead of opting for a traditional honeymoon, we flew to England and used the money we were gifted to purchase our very first home together: A pre-owned, much-loved, 18-foot converted Ford Transit Van we dubbed The Howeller that ended up navigating us on a life-altering two-and-a-half-year honeymoon-on-wheels across Europe and Africa.

Practices such as living in the moment, welcoming new experiences, learning a second language, engaging in other cultures and diving into conversation with strangers are all things that can enhance our everyday life but may be easily overlooked. Living without plumbing, she discovered, was more tolerable on a short camping trip than it was for weeks on end.

Among other things, Anderson Designs helps construct the bones of the vans for Quality Adventures. Well-appointed, van life adventures affordable, 2-person campervans for your #vanlife adventure. See below for full contest rules or contact Karma Campervans at hello@. After escaping the city for a weekend camping trip in Utah's Zion National Park in 2013, we wrote out our freedom contract,” something inspired by Tony Robbins or one of the inspirational books we were reading at the time.

My feet are buried in the dog's bed for warmth, and I am thinking about throwing on some gloves because my fingers are getting numb.) Even if your van has all the amenities, there is still a unique set of challenges associated with occupying such a small, off-the-grid space—especially if you are doing so with another person.

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